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The Power of Creation

Imagination is the power of innovation.

Just One Click…

eDIGITAL is an online multi-media publishing platform, integrating the latest in digital technology with the proven effectiveness of traditional print media. Turn your current print or digital publication – or entire website – into a dynamic, interactive experience that increases readership, business and communication.

Its functionality is sourced from a database-driven website where each page can be programmed individually to enhance search engine optimization and interchange with social media platforms.

Connectivity to other applications within the eDIGITAL pages is ‘just one click’ with information being delivered while the reader is still on the original page. Brilliant!

REAL innovation gives your messaging REAL power.

Finally! A Flipbook with Real SEO

Many web businesses promise ‘SEO’ to their customers – but just how effective is it? Nowadays, as any modern web developer knows, it takes much more than ‘keywords’ or ‘meta tags’ to get your website in front of potential customers.

eDIGITAL doesn't simply describe your publication to search engines: it converts every page into real, structured content that search engines can actually understand. This allows your publication is seen as the relevant, meaningful content that it is – and delivered to the people who are looking for it.

Let your publications reach the people who matter.

Powerful Solutions for Smart Business

The applications of the eDIGITAL platform are extensive:

The technology is paperless, saving on trees and reducing the use of harsh chemicals.

eDIGITAL is environmentally responsible in every respect.

Success Stories

Bosanac Builders (bosanacshowhomes.co.nz)

We like to use unique ways to reach our local community in meaningful ways. When the Lookbook idea was shared with us we were excited that it could provide us this opportunity! As an online tool it is portable, clear, easy to use and doesnt end up tossed into a rubbish bin. We've been really impressed with how easy it has been to set up and the support of the team in making all the 'magic' features happen.

— Kylie Bosanac
Business Manager

Mastercraft Kitchens (kitchenlookbook.co.nz)

At Mastercraft Kitchens we have developed a series of highly visual Kitchen Look Books in print, that feature a selection of our client kitchens. These are very popular throughout New Zealand, and the next step was to share them online, but in a more sophisticated format than a PDF. We wanted page-turning ability and double-page spread views, rather than scrolling. The eDIGITAL platform was the perfect solution for us and is an attractive digital book format that is easy for the viewer to use and share. The team also developed our homepage, providing us with a one-stop-shop to get our Look Books online. If you have a book that you want to turn into a digital book, we recommend the eDIGITAL Platform.

— Penny Buchanan
Marketing Executive

elocal Magazine (www.elocal.co.nz)

eDIGITAL cuts out all the noise and is the most intuitive of web design that is flexible and easy to maintain with a greater success of delivering information in one place, so your readers don't need to go anywhere else. Our complete online presence and business model utilises this technology and the results were astounding, going from a less than 30 sec to now up to 8 minutes average session time. Our page views have been improved over 1000% and our bounce rate went from 80% to 20%. No more needs to said! Try it for yourself and the team are great to deal with.

— Mykeljon Winckel
Managing Director

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